The core group of the GFGC on its virtual meeting held last April 10, 2021 had decided that on the month of May it would gather again as a community for the daily Rosary and a virtual Flores de Mayo, a popular religious devotion faithfully observed by Filipinos during the month of May.  As in the past, the nightly Rosary will be said at 9:00 o’clock in the evening. Children of Filipino migrants in Japan will be invited to lead in praying the Rosary. Participants willing to take part in the Flores de Mayo are invited to prepare flowers to be offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The crowning of her image will be the highlight of the Rosary at the end of the month.

During this month, the GFGC will also hold a virtual Santacruzan festival towards the end of the month. Fr. Edwin will offer a catechism on Santacruzan on the first Sunday of May to guide participants on the appropriate observance of this famous Filipino folk religiosity.  The catechism further aims at educating participants in understanding the Santacruzan better to avoid committing abuses of this popular May religious activity.  Everyone is welcome to this activity. 

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