World Migration Sunday at Tokyo Cathedral

International Mass 2015

At Tokyo Archdiocese, the celebration of the World Migration Sunday was recently held at St. Mary`s Cathedral.  The Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC) had organized varied activities to bring together members of foreign communities for the annual event.  With the local people, the celebration was an opportune time for foreign communities from different parishes in the archdiocese to come together to pray for the migrants, refugees and a people on the move.  To pray together for the same cause is an occasion that happens only once a year.  To be part of this special celebration merit indeed God`s mercy and grace for all who had attended.

In this year`s World Migration Sunday archdiocesan celebration, CTIC had reintroduced the cultural aspect of the event.  Six communities had presented a cultural number held at Koln Hall.  Over a hundred people had attended the cultural program.  They were entertained by the varied selections of cultural presentation.  A Bible Quiz for children was likewise conducted and animated by the CTIC staff and were equally participated by the children.  Earlier, after the Mass, everyone had the chance to avail of the varied food prepared from different countries of origin.  CTIC thanks all who came especially to those who had served in the Mass and other activities that made the celebration of the 101st World Migration Sunday successful.

(photos courtesy of Mr. Fumi Terada)

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