We see ourselves as a community at the service of the Migrants, Refugees and People on the move in Japan.  We are inspired by the biblical images, messages and horizons of the "Kingdom of God."  We want to love in solidarity and friendship with them and journey together towards a life that fully affirms and supports their personal dignity, their human rights and family life.

We want to be sensitive to the different cultures, traditions and religious expression that they bring along and build with them a society that acknowledges, protects and honors every person, regardless of social status, ethnicity, nationality, and religion.


Our mission, in communion with the Archbishop of Tokyo, is directed primarily to the poor, particularly, the excluded, the lonely, the suffering and the powerless.  We want to be part of the message of love and hope addressed to them in the Gospels.

We consider our Mission as having a three-fold direction:

1.  As directed to the Migrants, Refugees and People on the Move.
We want to initiate or cooperate in programs and services aimed at helping them help themselves so that they can better respond, contribute and build meaningful relationships with the church and society.

2.  As directed to the Church
We see ourselves as serving the Church in Japan as it moves to necessary changes and a new way of being, sharing its life, its ministry, its projects and its Eucharistic tables to the Migrants, Refugees and People on the Move.

3.  As directed to the Society
We dare to consider ourselves as contributing to the emerging Japanese society in terms of sharing a new awareness on the value of people, beyond frontiers and cultures, and of becoming bridges and channels of communication between Japanese and persons of other ethnicities and nationalities.

As we mediate on our Mission we acknowledge our concern with Faith, which we understand as the deepest core of every person. Out of respect for those we encounter, we want to live this Mission by listening to others and partaking in their own processes of change.