CTIC Pilgrimage to the Holy Doors:

On June 11, 2016 (Saturday), CTIC will have a Pilgrimage to the six holy doors in Tokyo in celebration of the Jubilee of Mercy.  This is open to the Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and English speaking Catholics.  For more information, kindly contact CTIC at 03-5759-1061.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Doors Booklet:

Pilgrimage to the Holy Doors booklet in English, Spanish and Portuguese are now available.  You may call CTIC for your orders at 03-5759-1061.

Pilgrimage booklet

"Know Your Rights as Workers"

Know Your Rights as Workers (poster)

A Philippine-Japan Forum on Workers` Rights will be held on July 9, 2016 (2nd Saturday) at 4th Floor, Room 404, Kibe Hall at St. Ignatius (Yotsuya) Church from 1:00pm - 6:00pm.  With the Japan-Philippine economic and free trade agreements giving opportunities for Filipinos to work in Japan, this event will be an occasion to discuss and to know further your rights as foreign workers in Japan.


Q & A Living in Japan

What is a local government and what are its functions?

Japan is divided into 47 prefectures; Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto and 43 other prefectures.  Within the prefectures are cities, towns, and villages, and all of these have local governments.  The city of Tokyo has designated special wards which are also local governments.

These local government bodies are entrusted by the central government to carry out certain administrative tasks, for example, alien registration, which shall be discussed later.  Local governments are also responsible for the safety, health, social welfare, and education issues as well as the maintenance of water supply, roads, rivers, parks, etc. for the benefit of its residents and visitors within its area.

The administrative tasks of local governments are funded by taxes from residents and funding from the National treasury. 

"Living with the Japanese Law:  A Guide to Foreign Nationals in Japan (Q&A 101)"


Pilgrimage to the Holy Doors

The recently concluded pilgrimage to the six holy doors in the Archdiocese of Tokyo that was organized by the Catholic Tokyo International Center last June 11, 2016 was hailed very successful.  The whole day activity began at the parish of Nishi Chiba with the sacrament of reconciliation.  Just before the celebration of the Eucharist, Fr. Keizo Kobayashi, the former parish priest of Nishi Chiba with his parish leaders had warmly welcomed the pilgrims.  It was a joy to witness the cordial reception extended by the host parish to the pilgrims visiting one of the holy doors in the archdiocese.  Although originally intended to attract Catholics of different languages and cultural backgrounds the pilgrimage had attracted mainly the Japanese parishioners from different parts of Tokyo hence the Mass was celebrated in Japanese by Fr. Juan Masia, SJ while the catechism was given by Fr. Edwin Corros, CS in English which was simultaneously translated into Japanese by Fr. Kenji Takagi.  It was during the praying of the Stations of the Cross animated by Fr. Kenji that some part of the prayers were delivered in Spanish and English.  After the mass concelebrated by the three CTIC priests, a group picture taken was made just outside the parish church of Nishi Chiba.  The group of pilgrims then took the bus that brought them to the next holy door destination - Hachioji.

Unlike in Nishi Chiba where the former parish priest had personally welcomed the pilgrims, it was Fr. Xavier the current assistant parish priest instead who had cordially received the pilgrims on their arrival at Hachioji parish.  The pilgrims then entered the church to pray the Stations of the Cross.  Soon after their prayers, the pilgrims took their souvenir photo.  Then, they were ushered to the bus where they had spent their lunch due to the heavy traffic as they moved to Tsukiji parish.  Fr. Leo Schumacher, the parish priest had welcomed the pilgrims at Tsukiji upon their arrival.  Just like in the previous churches that the pilgrims had visited, the group also took a souvenir picture after saying their prayers.  Then, they moved to Kanda parish where the parish priest had likewise welcomed them.  He even joined the pilgrims for the group picture taking.  Afterwards, the group immediately took the bus and went to the cathedral.  The entire pilgrimage to the six holy doors that ended at St. Ignatius of Loyola at Yotsuya Parish took the whole day to finish.  Just before the group was dismissed, the pilgrims had expressed their gratitude to all CTIC priests and staff acknowledging for their great job in this Year of Mercy.  


Night of Prayer at St. Anselm`s

Night of Prayer

At the Night of Prayer held last June 24 at St. Anselm`s Parish at Meguro, a special talk on St. John the Baptist was delivered by the priest who animated the monthly liturgy as the participants commemorated his feast day.  It was an occasion to revisit the life of the famous biblical saint who was likewise considered the key figure in the preparation of the mission of Jesus Christ.  At least sixteen parishioners came to attend the monthly prayer gathering that covers the usual conduct of the evening prayer, a brief catechism, and an hour of adoration to the Blessed Sacrament with a benediction.  The Night of Prayer is designed for busy Catholics who wish to deepen their faith and address their profound longing for spiritual exercise.

Second Friday Catechism at CTIC

Second Friday catechsim

The participants to the catechism conducted by the English Pastoral Ministry every second Friday of the month has been stable to at least ten attendees since it was started in January 2015.  From the nine Filipinos who had pioneered the conduct of the monthly catechism in January 2015, their number has now reached over ten.  The free catechism had tackled varied topics from ministerial service in church to some significant church documents such as Lumen Gentium and Laudato Si.  Lately, the module presented tackled the sacrament of reconciliation as part of understanding the Jubilee Year of Mercy.  Last month the topic was on Marian devotion.

The Seecond Friday catechism aims at addressing the many concerns that ordinary Catholics face in their faith life, which at times are difficult to accept and understand.  The two-hour catechism held monthly always finishes with lots of laughter arising from the common observations and reflections shared by participants, particularly on how many Catholics had always misunderstood the religious practices and some teachings of the Catholic church.  It is unfortunate that the social teachings of the Catholic church, which is considered its greatest wealth that are needed to be shared with her adherents are unfortunately unknown to many.  Only a few have the time and interest to learn them.  Luckily, there are those in Tokyo who could make sacrifices at least once a month to attend the catechism organized by CTIC at Meguro.

Catechism on Jubilee Year of Mercy at Kiyose Parish

As the universal church celebrates the extra-ordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Filipino community of Kiyose had the occasion to listen to the catechism provided by Fr. Edwin D. Corros, who goes once a month to this parish.  Last May 15th, after celebrating the Tagalog mass, at least thirty-two parishioners had opted to stay behind to listen to the presentation of Fr. Edwin on the significance of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, which the Church had started celebrating last December 8, 2015.  Initially, when he asked the parishioners about this church`s event, except for the very few leaders, nobody among them was familiar of the Jubilee of Mercy that Pope Francis had declared last year.  When Fr. Edwin moved into discussing the topic on indulgence and holy door people started to become interested.  Later on, when he  read more...

GFGC`s Bowling Tourney

Being holiday last April 29, 2016 at Aoki Grand Bowl in Nishi Kawaguchi, twelve teams composed of four members each had gathered and played for a friendly bowling tournament.  Organized by the Gathering of Filipino Groups and Communities (GFGC), each team from ten in the morning had played solidly to move to the final games set in the afternoon.  After having hurdled three sets of games, the three teams with the highest accumulated score were declared semi-final winners.  At the end of the final match, the four players from Kawaguchi were proclaimed ultimate winners.  They competed hard against the teams from Kiyose and Madonna to win the modest cash prize of Twenty Thousand Yen plus a trophy.  As organizers, the GFGC had thanked everyone who participated in a fun game where the purpose to bond with friend through sports was successfully achieved.  Everyone did enjoy the fun game.  Many had expressed desire to hold another bowling tournament as they find the sports activity truly relaxing.  The success of the event is attributed to the hard work of Lea Baguio and Erlyn Regondon of the Temporalities of the GFGC and congratulated the winners, including all participants for their tremendous cooperation and support.