Health Seminar:


A health talk on Lifestyle Related Illnesses for men and women at their 40s will be held at Goi church on November 5 (1st Saturday) from 2pm to 4pm after the English mass at 12:30pm.  Sarah Nagamatsu, RN, PhD, teaching at St. Luke`s International University will be the speaker.  The free health check-up and forum will also be provided but only for women at their 40s and above by a group of nursing students of the said University.  Please come and join us!

For more information, kindly see the attached poster.

Philippine-Japan Forum:


A Philippine-Japan Forum, "What is Safe Migration?", is an organized project of Solidarity Network of Migrants Japan (SMJ) and sponsored by Toyota Foundation will be held on November 19, 2016 (3rd Saturday) at Meguro church from 1pm to 5pm.  

Please see poster for more details.   

Pilgrimage to the Holy Doors Booklet:

Pilgrimage to the Holy Doors booklet in English, Spanish and Portuguese are now available.  You may call CTIC for your orders at 03-5759-1061.

Pilgrimage booklet

Q & A Living in Japan

Your Basic Human Rights as a Foreign National

Fundamental human rights are guaranteed to Japanese nationals in Japan`s Constitution.  Are these human rights recognized for foreign nationals as well?  Are there any limitations particular to foreign nationals?

The fundamental human rights recognized in the Constitution apply also to foreign nationals residing in Japan, with the exception of those rights which, by nature, are only applicable to Japanese nationals.  Furthermore, within the rights recognized to foreign nationals, there are circumstances where restrictions may apply.


 "Living with the Japanese Law:  A Guide to Foreign Nationals in Japan (Q&A 101)"


2016 International Day Celebration


After a long week of rain, the 2016 celebration of the archdiocesan international day held at St. Mary`s cathedral last September 25 was blessed with a beautiful sunny weather.  Hundreds of parishioners from different parish communities had trooped to Mejiro to join the  celebration.  At the mass presided by Msgr. Pawet Obiedzinski, the First Secretary of the Vatican Nunciature in Japan, the atmosphere was rather festive with many parishioners dressed in their national costumes.  The event began with the Eucharistic celebration with eleven priests concelebrating.  The youth from different parishes who had earlier walked for a pilgrimage to the holy doors in Tokyo had joined other young people at the entrance procession of the Mass where the migrant cross was accompanied to the altar.

While the mass was celebrated in English, the songs and the universal prayer were delivered in various languages.  The first reading was proclaimed in Vietnamese while the second reading was said in Portuguese.  The deacon assisting the presider proclaimed the Gospel in Japanese.  After the Mass, the parishioners were invited to eat lunch outside the cathedral where international cuisine was prepared for sale.  There were Korean, Vietnamese, Persian, Japanese, and American foods that were available to all.  A Kids Corner was also arranged for the younger parishioners to enjoy.  


Nishi Chiba participates in GFGC Concert

Filipino parishioners at Nishi Chiba took the challenge to be actors in a fund raising concert that continues to celebrate the extra ordinary jubilee of Mercy as declared by Pope Francis last year.  They are not only going to sing at Meguro church on the concert organized by the Gathering of Filipino Groups and Communities or GFGC, billed "Migrants in the Year of Mercy," but they will also act in the six-segment drama on the life of migrants and their families.

Directed by a Filipino artist Arlene Dinglasan, who is based in Tokyo, the group of parishioners from Nishi Chiba had undergone a series of workshops before taking the different roles for the skit.  The six-segment drama is part of the concert that will provide a suitable background for the music that the different choirs will be singing.  The concert was held last October 10, 2016 at 3pm at Meguro church. 

Barrio Fiesta at Ichikawa

barrio-fiesta-sa-ichikawaInitially planned as a cultural event that would introduce the Filipino culture tot he local parishioners in Spring 2013, the "Fiesta sa Barrio Ichikawa" was again successfully staged last September 4, 2016 after the parish community had celebrated the English mass.  Just like in the past this cultural event included Filipino food stalls selling old-time favorite Filipino food and drinks, including ice candies and halo-halo.  A full concert delivered by the LUMAD, a filipino band based in Japan, that specializes in singing Filipino indigenous music was also the main feature.  About 300 people came to attend the celebration of which ten percent were friends of the parishioners.

To reciprocate the kindness and support experienced by the Filipino community from the Japanese in its various activities, the Barrio Fiesta at Ichikawa attempts to raise fund to help the Japanese in anyway.  The event was able to raise 74,500 yen from food sales.  With the recommendation coming from the parish priest, Fr. Akaiwa, the community had turned over the fund to a group of Kumamoto earthquake victims as beneficiary.

Filipino Community Commemorated Feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz

In the desire of Filipinos in Japan to commemorate the feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz of Manila, a special mass was celebrated at the Franciscan Chapel Center (FCC) at Roppongi last September 28, 2016.  While persecution of Christians is no longer happening in Japan to which Lorenzo Ruiz had lost his life in the 16th century Japan, the call to discipleship is still very valid among the Filipinos in Japan.  With their migration experience, many Filipinos nowadays are easily converted to other religions.  Unlike Lorenzo Ruiz who never renounced his faith in Jesus Christ in the midst of persecution  and severe suffering, many Filipinos instead had already recanted their Catholic faith when they had moved overseas, said Fr. Edwin D. Corros, CS in his homily at concelebrated mass of five Filipino priests who was assisted by Fr. Russel Becker, the pastor of the Franciscan Chapel Center.  Among the Filipino priests who also concelebrated at the mass were Fr. Nonoy Plaza, Fr. Danilo Mutia, Fr. Nelson Barbarona, and Fr. Louie Luyun.  After the mass, the community had moved to the basement to partake on the Filipino food that the community had prepared.