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Holy Family


Pope`s Intention for the Month

January 2018:

Religious Minorities in Asia

That Christians, and other religious minorities in Asian countries, may be able to  practise their faith in full freedom.



 CTIC Planner 2018:


The 2018 CTIC Planners are now available at the office of the Catholic Tokyo International Center.  The annual planner contains the liturgical feasts and liturgical readings for the year.  They are great gifts to family members and friends.  They cost 300 yen per copy.

Copies of Pandesal 2018 and Daily Gospel 2018 published by Claret Publishing Group are moreover available at CTIC office.

Mass Guides in Japanese with romaji version and in Filipino-English translation; Portuguese and Spanish translation; and Japanese-Vietnamese translation are furthermore available at CTIC at 100yen per copy.

Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism:

Please open this link:

http://www.kokuminhogo.go.jp/en/pc-index_e.html to acquire the pdf copy of the pamphlet entitled, "Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism".  This is the Civil Protection Portal Site of the Cabinet Secretary of the Japanese government.

 CTIC`s Sunday Consultation Service Schedule 2018:

January 21

February 4, 18

March 4, 18

April 15

May 6, 20

June 3, 17

July 1, 15

August 5, 19

September 2, 16

October 7, 21

November 4, 18

December 2, 16

Simbang Gabi Mass collection at Meguro would benefit Marawi

The Catholic church of Marawi in Mindanao, Philippines was chosen by the members of the Philippine Assistance Group (PAG) as beneficiary of the funds that would be collected from the nine-day novena of Masses during the Simbang Gabi celebration that would be held in St. Anselm`s Catholic church.  The decision was made at the meeting held at the Philippine Embassy last November 23, 2017 in its final consultation with the Filipino leaders in preparation for the Simbang Gabi that is annually organized by PAG with the support of Meguro Catholic Church and the Philippine Embassy.

The unanimous decision resulted from the reflection made by the Filipino leaders present at the meeting on the need to help the war victims in their rehabilitation after the war had erupted in Marawi last May 2017.  The conflict had exploded between the Islamic militant Maute Group and the Philippine government that lasted for five months.  Most Filipinos had blamed the militant Maute Group, for the tremendous devastation it had caused to this Muslim province that may require probably the city`s total reconstruction, according to local government officials.

Last year, the funds generated from the Simbang Gabi that was organized by the PAG with the assistance of the Meguro Parish had benefited the typhoon victims of northern Philippines, specifically the provinces of Tuguegarao, Abra, and Isabela.  The Simbang Gabi helped organized by the PAG in Tokyo was first held in 2013 at Roppongi Franciscan Chapel Center.  Subsequently, St. Anselm`s Parish was its host for the past four years.

Advent Recollections held in different parishes

In the midst of the commercialization of the Christmas season, there were several parishioners who did not forget and abandon their values to hold Advent recollection even before the season had began.  Thanks to the religious background that they carry with them, particularly for several Filipinos who had been used to attend spiritual talk during the season of Advent.  At Akabane last December 2, at least nineteen came to attend the Advent recollection facilitated by Fr. Nelson Cabasisi of Saitama Diocese.  As early as November, the parish of Goi had held its own advanced Advent recollection that was facilitated by Fr. Edwin Corros of CTIC last November 12, 2017.  About thirty parishioners came to participate at the whole afternoon spiritual activity.  Narita also had theirs last November 19 facilitated by Ms. Erlyn Regondon with 14 participants.

At Umeda Parish last December 10, 2017, sixteen parishioners had joined the Advent recollection that was conducted by Therese Japitana.  Moreover at Hachioji Catholic Parish on that same day, twelve Filipinos had taken part of the annual Advent recollection facilitated by Ms. Erlyn Regondon of CTIC.  Members of the English Pastoral Ministry of CTIC like Therese and Erlyn, who are both lay missionaries and Fr. Edwin Corros had never turned down any invitation to conduct recollection during Lent or Advent in order to assist any group of foreign Catholics deepen their commitment to actively serve their parish.

Christmas Celebrations all around Tokyo parishes and beyond

What is a parish without its usual Christmas celebration?  The tradition of celebrating Christmas Party is rampant not only among Christian nations, but even in Japan albeit for most of them, it was for a year-end celebration or probably know as bounenkai (忘年会), which literally means, "forget the negative things of the past year gathering."

The need to celebrate the birth of the Savior commands for the grandest celebration among Catholics.  In and around the archdiocese of Tokyo, among the foreign communities actively involved in the various parishes, the Christmas celebration was a big hit for a lot of non-regular parishioners.  Just like the day of Christmas, a lot of people would troop to the Church, at least to pray, to give thanks at least for the year that would pass soon.  On the part of those who were actively involved in the parish, it was a significant occasion to serve.  It is indeed in serving the non-regular churchgoers at least during Christmas Party, where everyone comes to enjoy, to let all feel that they are indeed welcome as the community commemorates the birthday of the Savior.

At Meguro Parish, the celebration came early on December 9, 2017.  Over two hundred parishioners had waited for the three o`clock party organized by the liturgical ministries of the international community lead by Mr. MacPaul Ekweme.  It was the first time that the African community and the rest of the international community had bonded together with the parish priest and his assistant equally present.  In the past, the African community had a separate celebration.


Abp. Isao Kikuchi installed as new archbishop of Tokyo

Under a very clear blue skies and beautiful yet cold Saturday morning at St. Mary`s Cathedral, the new prelate of the Catholic Church of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Tokyo was installed last December 16, 2017.  Over a thousand Catholics, had come to witness the installation of His Excellency, Most Reverend, Archbishop Tarcisius Isao Kikuchi, SVD in an almost three hours religious ceremony.  In a very rare grand event that Catholics should witness, only a few foreigners were actually present.

Especially invited to his installation was Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle, the prelate of Accra, Ghana, West Africa where once as a young priest Fr. Kikuchi was sent as a missionary in 1986, and being a member of the Society of Divine Word.  Just before giving the final blessing, the prelate of Ghana had freely narrated some stories about the newly installed archbishop and presented him some gifts, a gesture that solicited a warm prolonged applause from the parishioners.  Beside over a dozen bishops who were present at the installation, almost two hundred priests had likewise concelebrated at the Mass of his installation.  They came from all over Japan.  Upon coming out from the cathedral`s main door, the parishioners had immediately mobbed the new prelate.  Some Filipinos who had participated in this very rare religious event were lucky to get close to the new archbishop to extend their cordial greetings.  Everyone now is looking forward to the leadership of the newly installed primate of Tokyo archdiocese.