PhilMiss Concert Hailed Successful

Behind the success of the concert of the Filipino missionaries in Kanto area last August 31, 2018 at the Sakura Hall of the Shibuya Cultural Center in Tokyo were the leaders of the Gathering of Filipino Groups and Communities or GFGC.  They were truly the unsung heroes.  Unknown to many if not for the leadership of Dr. Mel Kasuya and the musical director, Ms. Puchie Gan, the concert would have not come out a success.  They chose the songs to be sung that suited well to the theme of the celebration of the "Year of the Clergy and the Consecrated Persons."  They had improved the script written as a catechism by Fr. Edwin D. Corros, one of the PhilMiss members.  They provided the choreography for the music.  They motivated other Filipinos to participate and volunteer in support to the cause of the missionaries, whom they claimed to have for many years served Japan church and still continue to serve.  With their long years experience in handling and directing church choirs and concerts performances, the religious concert entitled "Servants of Love" aptly described the very dedication that these GFGC leaders had manifested in assisting the cause of the religious missionaries to help them in their mission-awareness program while at the same time realize the dream of some members to stage a concert few years ago to attract the interest of the Filipino community.

As part of their program of activities every year, the Filipino missionaries in Japan, particularly those in Kanto area organize mission-awareness activities.  PhilMiss members wish to constantly remind Filipinos of their mission in the Church as Catholics - that is to continue witnessing the values of the Gospel by way of being actively involved in their own parishes and help the local church in building Christian communities.  Many of these religious missionaries besides fulfilling the charismatic mission of their congregation are also involved with the migrant ministry in Japan, particularly the Filipinos.  Hence, they have direct contact with the Filipino migrant communities almost all over Japan.  They serve them while they also assist the local church.


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Our Lady
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Pope`s Intention for the Month

October 2018:

The Mission of Religious

That religious men and women may bestir themselves, and be present among the poor, the marginalized, and those who have no voice.

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International Catholic Youth will Congregate in Tokyo

The core group of Tokyo International Catholic Youth Gathering or TICYG has been busy preparing for this year`s important event for the foreign youth in Tokyo scheduled on Sunday, November 18, 2018 at Koln Hall of St. Mary`s Cathedral at Mejiro.  This year`s annual event carries the theme "Christ in Action:  See the Light, Be the Light!" (キリスト・イン・アクション:  光を見、光となれ!).

Expected to congregrate at Mejiro in November are mainly foreign students but there will be many Japanese youth too.  Invitation will soon be sent to the parishes and different international communities to attract more young people to participate.  This event is open not only to the youth of Tokyo Archdiocese but also to other dioceses.  To promote this important gathering, the TICYG had made a teaser and a Facebook page so that interested individuals and youth groups get updated.  For more information, please see its posters or use its QR code.

Fr. Marco of St. Anselm`s Celebrates 50 Years in Japan

In September 7, 1968, the youthful Mexican who was not yet a priest, Marco Antonio Martinez was sent by his congregation the Missionaries of Guadalupe to Japan.  He arrived in the country to study the local language and culture and later became a priest.  As a seminarian, he was merely 27 years old.

Last Monday, 17 September, Fr. Marco celebrated his 50th anniversary of arrival in Japan at a Mass that was attended not only by the Japanese parishioners, but also by several members of the international community that made St. Anselm`s their parish.  There was even a group of parishioners from Chibadera Parish and Hachioji to name a few where he was the parish priest before coming to Meguro.  The Mass was followed by a reception prepared by the parishioners where the celebrant was serenaded by different groups of the parish.

Filipino Leaders in Akabane Renew Service to Community

Since 2015 the volunteers to the different liturgical ministries at the Mass that is being celebrated every Wednesday for the Filipinos frequenting the parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Akabane dedicate a day to renew their commitment to serve the community.  It is done to remind them of the responsibility being required not only as members of the Church but also as lay liturgical ministers.  They serve as altar servers; choir members, lectors/commentators, rosary and novena prayer leaders and ushers.  Their oath-taking last September 5, 2018 leads them to recommit themselves to the value of sacrifice they made in serving every Wednesday in various ministries. As members of the different liturgical ministries they are also required to attend the monthly catechism and ministry meeting, including the cleaning of the toilets.  For those who could not commit themselves to this humble act of service, to be part of the ministry is not for them.

The monthly catechism available to them serves as an attempt to address the need to deepen their commitment to faith life.  Not many Catholics have access to catechetical formation and those who are serving the Mass at Akabane every Wednesday afternoon is 100% assured of this faith formation activity.  The members are also given priority to avail of the various parish activities provided by the leadership such as in annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Fuji; the Visita Iglesia organized during Lenten Season; the on-going formation seminar provided regularly by Fr. Edwin D. Corros; the Advent and Lenten recollection held annually.  They are also the main protagonist in the animation of the community Christmas Party and Simbang Gabi.  As members of the liturgical ministries, they are also provided with the annual program of activities and official registry of members.  The reason for the members to get excited on what to expect every Wednesday.

Akabane Visited Our Lady of Mt. Fuji Shrine

Taking advantage of a good pleasant weather when summer is about to end, every September the Filipino leaders in Akabane organizes a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Fuji.  Just like in the previous years, two buses of pilgrims had joined the pilgrimage that was held last September 15.  Unfortunately, the weather was rainy and yet, the pilgrims had pushed through with their visit to the shrine of the Blessed Mother, Mary, Help of Christians.  Forced by the circumstances of a rainy day, after holding a procession to the shrine and praying the holy rosary at the foot of the big statue of the Blessed Mother, the pilgrims had moved to the convent of the Salesian Sisters where they had celebrated the Eucharist to highlight their pilgrimage.  The community of the Salesian Sisters had welcomed warmly the pilgrims, not only allowing them to celebrate the Mass at their convent chapel but also to use their toilets and their grounds where the pilgrims had spent their lunch.

The pilgrimage program of activity began with the opening prayer at Akabane Church followed by the group picture taking.  After the traditional group picture, all pilgrims were ushered to their assigned seats inside the bus.  Immediately after the bus had departed from Akabane, the recitation of the Holy Rosary had commenced.  While inside the bus on their way to Mt. Fuji, the pilgrims were animated not only by praying the rosary but also with the spiritual talk and readings provided by the religious missionaries.

The pilgrims were fortunate to have been accompanied by three religious missionaries from different religious congregation.  Fr. Edwin D. Corros of the Scalabrinian Missionaries who is also the priest in charge of the Akabane Filipino community together with Sr. Teresita Layson of the Salesian Sisters had led the second bus, while Fr. Rey Legayada of the Order of the Friars Minor (OFM) led the pilgrims in the first bus.  The three missionaries took turns in providing spiritual talks to the pilgrims.  The pilgrims returned home at about four in the afternoon after passing through a market place where they picked some vegetables and bought omiyage/gifts for their families and loved ones.