The Saints of June

If the month of May has been dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary for a particular devotion, June is an exceptional month for the major and more important saints in the Catholic Church.  It is on this month when the feast of the nativity of the precursor of Jesus, John the Baptist (June 24) is celebrated.  It is moreover on this month when the feast of the two principal pillars of the church, Saints Peter and Paul (June 29), is commemorated.  They are sometimes considered the twin saints.  Remembering these saints allows Catholics to ponder on their outstanding contributions in the development of the Church.  Catholics may consider this month as a powerhouse for saintly accompaniment and devotional inspiration.

John the Baptist, being the cousin of Jesus, had already made a name for himself even before the latter became popular to the people of Israel.  He was considered one of the most sought after personalities during his time that even the king of Israel had personally claimed to admire him.  Perceived probably like a rock star of his time, he was being followed wherever he went to and people were listening to him with so much enthusiasm and respect.  In the name of truth, he stood firm to accuse the immoral conduct of King Herod Antipas in approximately 20 AD that caused him his head.  John the Baptist is most renowned for his baptism.  He had personally administered the baptism of Jesus Christ in Jordan River.  His famous baptism of water as narrated in the four gospels is being mimicked in certain countries whenever his feast is celebrated by pouring water to parishioners visiting the church, at times exaggeratedly dashing water among oblivious people passing by the church.

The two other saints, who are considered giants in the registry of virtuous people in the Catholic Church, are Peter and Paul, whose basilicas stood dominantly among the four principal papal basilicas in Rome, Italy.  So blessed to have been born to Jesus` team, Peter as truly human, in his huge insecurity, had thrice vehemently denied Jesus as his Master when confronted to stand for his faith in the Lord by the Jewish authorities.  Despite his weakness, he had been delegated by the Son of God to build His Church and to shepherd his flock.  He was even entrusted by Jesus to hold the keys to His kingdom.

Early in the Church history, Paul on the other hand is a great persecutor of Jesus` followers.  Faithful to the Jewish religion, Paul run after the Christians and persecute them to no end in order to preserve and defend his Jewish faith.  Duringthe time of great persecution, he was even an eyewitness to the murder of Stephen, the Church`s first martyr.  With his 365-degrees-conversion however, Paul became an ardent disciple of Christ, whose missionary zeal had earned him the title of being the missionary to the gentiles.

On this month of June, Catholics are encouraged to revisit their faith-life and compare it to these three great saints and think how to improve further their commitment as Christians.

Word for the Month:


Corpus Christi Day


Pope`s Intention for the Month

June 2018:

Social Network

That social networks may work towards that inclusiveness which respects others for their differences.


Pope Francis` Apostolic Exhortation


 Share the Journey - a Catholic campaign for Migrants and Refugees

In an effort to promote the global campaign to treat migrants and refugees with care and compassion that was launched by Pope Francis last September in Rome, the Caritas Japan and JCaRM (Catholic Commission of Japan for Migrants, Refugees and People on the Move) will conduct an "encounter" of communities entitled, 排除 ZERO キャンペーン ("Share the Journey") on July 7, 2018 (Saturday) at 10:00 - 16:00 at St. Mary`s Cathedral in Mejiro.


Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism:

Please open this link:

http://www.kokuminhogo.go.jp/en/pc-index_e.html to acquire the pdf copy of the pamphlet entitled, "Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism".  This is the Civil Protection Portal Site of the Cabinet Secretary of the Japanese government.

 CTIC`s Sunday Consultation Service Schedule 2018:

January 21

February 4, 18

March 4, 18

April 15

May 6, 20

June 3, 17

July 1, 15

August 5, 19

September 2, 16

October 7, 21

November 4, 18

December 2, 16

CTIC Conducted Seminar-Workshop on Baptism

At the seminar-workshop on the sacrament of baptism held at the parish hall of St. Anselm`s Church last 12 and 26 May 2018, at least forty parishioners had participated from fourteen parishes in Tokyo.  The nearest participants came from Meguro Parish while the farthest came from Goi.  Organized by the English Pastoral Ministry (EPM), the seminar had Scalabrinian missionary Fr. Edwin D. Corros as resource speaker.  On the first day, he had discussed extensively the catechism on the sacrament itself.  He then, tackled the rite of baptism with practical applications so that participants could identify the different practices that they get to observe when attending or facilitating the sacrament of baptism.

Majority of the participants said that they had attended the seminar-workshop in order to get information on how to conduct the seminar itself.  They expressed interest in knowing the catechism that covers the sacrament of initiation.  Other participants were already appointed by their parish priest to conduct infant baptism seminar in their parish.  They had attended the seminar-workshop in order to refresh their knowledge on the sacrament and in the process improve their method.

At the end of the seminar-workshop, the participants who had completed the two-day formation had received a certificate of completion. Fr. Edwin has reminded however the participants during the distribution of the certificate that while they had received a certificate of completion, the authority to appoint someone to give the seminar is on the hands of their parish priest.  He stressed that the EPM of CTIC does not have the authority to appoint anyone to give a seminar on infant baptism.  The EPM merely conducts the seminar only for formation purposes.

Seminar on Laws on International Marriage held at Akabane

In an effort to assist Filipino women understand better the system of international marriage in Japan, a seminar was held at the parish hall last May 2, 2018 immediately after attending the Filipino mass at Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Akabane.  Mr. Takuro Uruma, a Japanese immigration expert was invited as resource speaker to discuss on this very relevant issue that affects some Filipino parishioners.  At the said seminar besides talking about marriage and divorce in Japan, Mr. Takuro moreover elaborated some problems being faced by foreign women when they bring in to Japan their adolescent children from previous marriage without knowing certain laws that govern family unification.

After the seminar, many had immediately expressed gratitude to the organizer on the enlightening seminar that they truly appreciated.  Many of them had raised questions on behalf of their friends who feel particularly uncomfortable or embarrassed to discuss their problems discreetly or openly with fellow Filipinos.  Some of them were also interested on the professional fees that they need to prepare when an actual consultation will be sought.  Mr. Takuro could be reached for consultation at the office of the Catholic Tokyo International Center during the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month from 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.

Bonding with Japanese Parish Council members at Meguro

To enhance the relationship between the international community members and the Japanese catholics at St. Anselm`s Parish, a fellowship among the leaders of both communities was organized last Sunday, 27 May 2018 after the 12:00 noon mass at the parish hall.  Planned by the international community under the leadership of Mr. MacPaul Ekwueme, the event was characterized by an exchanged of culinary delights between the Japanese and Filipinos while having a warm exchange of pleasantries.

According to Jermaine Daz, who had served in previous years as coordinator for the English ministry of the international community, the last fellowship that took place between the leaders animating the English mass and the parish council of the Japanese Catholics took place two years ago, soon after the parish priest had just took over.

The parish priest, Fr. Marco Martinez, MG was delighted to witness the not so common combined community activity in the parish.  He has to excuse however early from the fellowship due to another activity where he was equally needed.  The rest of the group had talked about preparation for the international mass at St. Anselm`s schedule on June 3, 2018 at 10:00 AM Mass.

Kiyose celebrated 60th Anniversary

At the 60th anniversary celebration of the foundation of the parish church of Nativity of Our Lord at Kiyose held last May 20, 2018, the foreign community has once again demonstrated its ardent dedication to its parish.  Under the leadership of their pastor, Fr. Atsushi Francis Ito who presided the Eucharist at 10:00 AM, the Filipino community had displayed great enthusiasm in supporting the parish anniversary celebration.  Also at the Mass were some Korean and Chinese migrant parishioners.  Lunch immediately followed the simple celebration at the church yard or parking lot where many had brought a dish to share (potluck).

The leaders of the Kiyose Filipino Catholic Community (KFCC) had helped in the preparation of the place, joined the Japanese Mass, donated Filipino food for the community to eat and delivered a cultural number that had delighted the Japanese parishioners.  After the event, they also assisted in the cleaning up of the venue.  Such gesture of cooperation between the migrants and the Japanese Catholics simply shows how indeed the community is progressing in their faith witnessing and integration.