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Pope`s Intention for the Month

September 2017:  For parishes at service of mission

This month`s intention is for parishes at the service of mission:  "That they not be simple offices, but that animated by a missionary spirit, may be places where faith is communicated and charity is seen."



CTIC Planner 2018:

CTIC Planner 2018 is now available.  A good gift for families and friends.  Please call 03-57591061 for orders.

Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism:

Please open this link:

http://www.kokuminhogo.go.jp/en/pc-index_e.html to acquire the pdf copy of the pamphlet entitled, "Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism".  This is the Civil Protection Portal Site of the Cabinet Secretary of the Japanese government.

Health Talks for Tokyo and Chiba:

A health project of CTIC English Pastoral Ministry in partnership with St. Luke`s International University.  No registration fees to all health talks and zumba sessions.  This is for 40 years old and above Filipinas residing in Tokyo and Chiba.  Pre-registration is necessary for those who wish to join the zumba sessions which will start on August 21 (Monday) 7pm at St. Luke`s International University. Deadline for pre-registration will be on August 7, 2017.  For inquiries, please email at erlynreg@ctic.jp.

Help the Victims of Flood in Peru

For monetary donation, you may send to Caritas Japan`s bank account:
Bank Name:  Yuucho Bank
Bank Account Number: 00170-5-95979
Account Name: Caritas Japan
Comment: “For the victims of flood in Perú”

*When using direct internet service of Bank Yuucho in sending money or bank transfer, insert these 4 digit numbers 6273.
*If you do not want your name to appear in the list to be published in the newsletter, “We are Caritas”, please add three zeros (000) after your own number.

For inquiries, please call Osako san of CTIC at 03-5759-1061.

CTIC`s Office Schedule:

The Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC) will be open every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday of the month from 11:00am to 4:00pm but will be closed on Mondays that follow.

2017 Sunday schedules:
January 29
February 5, 19
March 5, 19
April 2, 30
May 7, 21
June 4, 18
July 2, 16, 30
August 6, 20
September 3, 17
October 1, 15, 29
November 5, 19
December 3, 17

Remedial Class for Foreign Children at Meguro

For children of migrants who had just arrived in Japan, they face a great challenges as anyone else who had to learn a new language and culture.  Most of the time, their struggles are found larger in school not only with the Japanese language but also with culture.  It is not easy to live in a country where language is daunting.  In fact, for many of these young migrants, they face discrimination and even bullying.  Thanks God, there is a group of volunteers who are helping ease their pain by providing remedial lessons to foreign children in need.  This group of volunteers has called itself, the Club of Children and Students or CCS.  It was founded in 1993 at Hachioji.  It continues until now to serve students especially those who had newly arrived in Japan.

In a society where the culture is extremely homogenous, CCS wishes to assist in the continuous growing needs of children coming from multicultural background.  It provides educational support to those who find school tough enough in its academic requirements.  Currently it hold classes once weekly in different locations in Tokyo, among them is at St. Anselm`s Parish at Meguro where CTIC had been instrumental in providing space for CCS`s mission.  Besides Meguro and Hachioji, CCS holds classes as well at Musashino, Nerima, and Nippori.  The pool of youthful volunteers even help the students in their academic homework and for the third year junior high school students, CCS assist them in their preparation for the entrance examination for senior high school.  During summer and winter vacations, CCS holds classes twice or even thrice a week.  One foreign student who has been with CCS has told CTIC, "One can study more comfortably with the volunteers."  Next year, CCS will celebrate its 25th year of its existence and looks forward to serve more children of migrants.  For those interested to avail the services of CCS service, please check its website at http://Ccs-ngo.Main.Jp/.

St. Joseph`s Parish held Prayer for Peace

Last August 11 at St. Joseph`s the Worker Church at Goi, the parish had hosted the celebration of the Mass commemorating the Ten Days of Prayer for Peace.  The Mass was presided by Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada and with him concelebrating were several priests from around Chiba area.  Before the Eucharist, Fr. Tien, the parish priest of Goi had shared his faith journey before coming to Japan.    According to him, when he was fifteen years old, he left Saigon along with two brothers.  Together with other Vietnamese, they rode a boat to escape from the massive persecution of Christian Catholics.

While fleeing the country on a boat, they experienced great hunger, thirst and fear for they do not know where they are going.  Due to extreme sufferings he even had asked God, "Why was it happening to them?"  At one point he had also thought that there was really no God.  After several days of journey on a boat, they landed in Malaysia where eventually their refugee status was processed to move to a third country destination.  The Australian government took them to Melbourne, where the Columban Fathers had assisted him to access education.  Eventually he entered the seminary and became a priest.  He thanked God and had asked forgiveness for those times of difficulties when he doubted God.  Listening to his account, the parishioners were touched by his faith story.  Another parishioner who hailed from Pakistan was also requested to narrate his own faith journey when he left his country and moved to Japan.  He prays that someday he will be united with his family as well.

Nishi Chiba Community Leaders are back to their Catechism

The leaders of the foreign community at the parish of NishiChiba were happy to hold their bi-monthly catechism after celebrating the English Mass last August 6, 2017.  At least eighteen of them had opted to stay behind and listen to the presentation of Fr. Edwin D. Corros from English Pastoral Ministry of the Catholic Tokyo International Center or CTIC who earlier had also celebrated Mass for them.  In a very engaging discussion, most of them had expressed gratitude for having the catechism again since their last class in February.  The topic on "Liturgical Gestures and Actions" had solicited enormous interest from them as they raised important questions pertinent to the varied actions expressed by different people when attending the Holy Mass.  The number of participants to the catechism had almost doubled as some of them came actually from the parish of Chibadera.  Many had personally expressed gratitude for the catechism and they look forward to learn more about the faith in the next meeting.

Four Neighboring Churches gathered for the Rosary

Led by their respective parish priests, the four church communities from Azabu, Meguro, Roppongi, and Takanawa Churches had gathered together at St. Anselm`s Parish at Meguro last August 5, 2017 at three in the afternoon to pray not only for peace but for the various intentions of the five continents of the world.  Being a national event, all parishes in Japan were invited to organize a prayer gathering as Japan commemorates the end of Second World War last August 15, 1942, which is also the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

During the recitation of the five decades of the Holy Rosary, representatives from the four parish communities and a group of priests and religious were especially selected and were tasked to lead the Rosary.  Over two hundred parishioners had come to participate in this year`s Prayer for Peace.  As a gesture of appreciation and gratitude to all who attended the gather, Fr. Marco Martinez, MG gave all participants a beautiful mission rosary imported from Mexico.  While Japanese was the main language that was used in praying for the various intentions of the five continents, the use of English, Tagalog and Vietnamese languages by the parishioners of foreign origin was equally appreciated.  The group of foreigners came actually from the parish communities of Meguro and Roppongi.  They came to pray the rosary, which means that regardless of their citizenship, the intention and need of praying is universal.  After the Rosary, a simple refreshment was offered to everyone at the parish hall where they had the occasion to catch up with friends from other parishes.  The event was a rare opportunity for the four parish communities to unite for one meaningful event.

Health Seminar for migrant women

As people reaches forty years of age, the risk for sickness is higher.  The English Pastoral Ministry (EPM) in its desire to help Filipino migrant women preserve their health had come up with seminars to educate them on certain diseases that are common among their age.  The first seminar was conducted at St. Anselm`s Parish compound last August 11, 2017.

Sixteen Filipinas had joined the seminar on "Cervical Cancer."  This is part of the series of seminars on health being organized by EPM  in partnership with St. Luke`s International University.  Most of the participants were on their forties and are married to the locals (Japanese).

A lady from Akabane who joined the seminar had shared her continuous battle with cancer.  The participants had also registered for zumba classes, which began last August 21, Monday at 7:00 pm and was held at St. Luke`s International University premises.  Eighteen had joined the zumba exercise.  The next seminar will tackle on "Emptiness."  This will be followed by another talk on "Breast Cancer" and in November, the topic on "Menopause" will be discussed.  This seminar is a grant project provided by the Japanese government under the direction of St. Luke`s International University and CTIC.  For other Filipino women interested to join the next seminar, please call Ms. Erlyn Regondon at 03-5759-1061 for registration.

Goi Parish held Summer Camp

Every year the children attending the Sunday School of Goi Catholic Church look forward to the most awaited parish activity - the summer camp.  This year, its camp took place last August 4 to 6, 2017 and was attended by about 30 children and youth.  According to them, they had great time bonding with friends, strengthened their faith, gained a bit of independence, increased self-confidence and developed their leadership potentials.

On the first night, the Senior and Junior high school students came early for they were so excited to prepare the program of activities as well as the beddings for their fellow campers.  The second day was full of fun and excitement.  They started the day with a morning prayer followed by a morning exercise called Radio Taiso in Japanese.  It was followed by icebreakers and games such as watermelon breaking and mizu asobi.  They also learned flower arrangement and rosary bead making.  Afterwards, they were provided with inputs and workshops.

Fr. Nguyen Xuan Tien, the parish priest of Goi, passionately shared his knowledge about the Eucharist.  He encouraged the children and the youth to lead by example so as to inspire others.  He also gave importance to the celebration of the Mass as members of the Catholic Church.